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Other North American Wolves resources on the web:

  • North American Wolf Association's Home Page. North American Wolf Association, NAWA.ORG, site devoted to the welfare and preservation of the wild wolf.
  • National Wildlife Federation Wolves Page. The National Wildlife Federation works to restore wolves to their proper place in public understanding and on suitable wild landscapes.
  • Wolf Article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.. Short article on Wolves includes section titled: Wolves in folklore and mythology.
  • Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Graphics and North American Wolf Resources. Has free public domain Wolf pics and wolf images from Yellowstone Park.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Main starting page for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Good North American Wolves resources and wolf pics here.
  • Brain Photographs and Brain Sections of the North American Wolf. Site of Scientific interest - has pictures and statistics of the disected brain of a North American Wolf.
  • Yahoo Directory Wolves Page (Wild Canids).
  • Yahoo Directory Wolves Page (Conservation and Research).
  • Yahoo Directory Wolves Page (Rescue and Rehabilitation).
  • Wolf Recovery in North America. Article from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service describing Wolf Recovery in North America.
  • Wolves of North America. Defenders of Wildlife has been an advocate for wolf protection and restoration across North America for more than four decades.
  • Gray Wolf Recovery in North America. U.S. Fish and Wildlife page about the recovery of the gray wolf in North America.
  • Questions and Answers about Gray Wolves in North America. Interesting question and answer page from the Fish and Wildlife service. Test your knowledge - very detailed.
  • Wolves of the World. The North American Wolves page at CosmoSmith.
  • Wolves. Page to learn about Wolves for younger students (School Page.).
  • International Wolf Center. The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future.
  • Wolf Watch Webcam. Live Wolf Watch Web Cam from the International Wolf Center - Wolf.Org.
  • Kids Only Timber Wolf Page. Information, Activities, Art related to Wolves - just for kids.
  • Canadian Wildlife Service Wolf Page. Article with pictures detailing information and distribution of the North American Wolf. Go to the Video Clips page and take a look at a video of a wolf.
  • Free Software Page. Not a wolves page - but has great links to Free Software.
  • Freeware Games. Not a wolves page but has links to Freeware Games for Windows.
  • Freestuffer. Not a wolves page but has links to Free Stuff.
  • Hadrians.Com. Not a wolves page but a good Ancient Rome History Page.
  • Egnu.Com. Not a wolves page - more free stuff and freeware.
  • 1st Screensavers. Not a wolves page but has literally hundreds of free screensavers.

  • FreeStuffer.Com - International Free Stuff site specialising in quality Windows FREEWARE.
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    Ancient Rome Resource Site. Information on how the Ancient Romans lived in the times of the Emperor Hadrian.
    Totally Free Software site listing FREEWARE and GNU software from the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
    ukfreebies.com - United Kingdom Free Stuff - has a good Freeware Games section.
    North American Wolves - Pic of the Day site for the North American Wolf.
    AllForFree - AllForFree.Co.UK - one of the original UK Free stuff sites.
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